Marine Fuel efficiency and emissions control

Oxytane® is a fully-certified fuel treatment that reduces carbon emissions and increases fuel efficiency, improving the ESG outcomes of any operation.

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Wholesale for Industrial Purposes

Oxytane® is fully certified and independently proven to substantially reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

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The benifits of using Oxytane® in any engine

Save on Fuel

Oxytane® saves you money on your fuel bill by 25% or more.

Fully Certified

It's fully certified EN 590 - as safe as putting regular fuel in your engine.

Reduce Emissions

Proven to reduce emissions in any engine type by 25% and beyond.

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced maintenance cost with smoother operation, less noise and vibration.

Engine Protection

Protecting your engine by reducing carbon build-up in the combustion chamber.


Easy to use. Just deliver straight into your fuel tank after every refill.

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